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Our activities started in the early sixties with the reconversation from the flax industry to a weaving mill.  From the beginning the emphasis lies on linings in different compositions. 

In the early seventies we started to enlarge our production facilities with specific finishing activities.



Installation of a flame lamination machine for the lamination of fabrics with PU foams in widths up to 1900 mm. 



Installation of our first multineedle stitching machine for the quilting of fabrics with waddings and or foams.  Since then a continuous investment program leads to an up-to-date technology with computer guided quilting machines.  We quilt in widths up to 2300 mm.



Installation of a glue lamination machine using the spray technology for the bonding of fabrics with different materials (fabrics, foams, waddings, paper...).



Installation of a environmentally friendly hot melt lamination machine.  Here we use thermoplastic hot melt glues in the form of powder, film or web to laminate different materials together in widths up to 1900 mm.



Implementation and accreditation for our quality programm ISO9001:2000.



Installation of the newest enviromentally friendly PUR hot lamination technique.  The reactive PU glues enables durable laminations in widths up to 2400 mm.


Today Continuous search for new methods and technology to ensure our customers a perfect quality !

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