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  • Fabrics
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  • Flame Lamination
  • Hot Melt Lamination
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    We offer a wide range of textiles to be used in protective clothing, performant articles (sportswear), high quality linings and outdoor fabrics.

    Our emphasis lies on linings, that we have in different colours available on stock for quick deliveries.

    All qualities can be treated for protection against cold and rain by means of lamination with breathable membranes or quilted with high insulating non wovens.


    Our multi-needle quilting machines are computer guided to guarantee perfect patterns.

    We quilt our own fabrics, as well as, your fabrics with waddings, foams, non wovens, etc...  We have different waddings and foams on stock to guarantee quick deliveries.

    We quilt fabrics in widths up to 230 cm.

    Flame Lamination

    Using the technique of foam back we laminate PU foams to woven and knitted fabrics in widths up to 1900 mm.

    Our permanent stock of foam in different thicknesses and widths guarantee our customers a just-in-time delivery.

    Hot Melt Lamination

    In this lamination process we use an extra thermoplastic hot melt glue in the form of film or powder.  The hot melt glues we use are mostly PU for washable laminations and EVA for non washable products.  However other types are available upon your request.

    We laminate woven and knitted fabrics to foam, non woven and other materials in widths up to 1900 mm.

    This eco-friendly system can be used to laminate almost any type of substrate.

    PUR Hot Melt Lamination

    The newest technique of PUR hot melt lamination offers you a wide range of advantages :

    • ECO friendly due to the lack of solvents and other polluting agents in the PUR hot melt glue.
    • During the lamination process we only heat up the PUR hot melt glue, so temperature sensitive materials can be laminated without problems.
    • The hot melt glue is a reactive PU, that cures with the humidity in the air, so the temperature resistance is very high and a resistance to washing at 90°C can easily be achieved.
    • The specific engraving of the coating cylinder ensures an even and constant glue weight, also 'open' materials can be laminated without any glue penetration.
    • The line speed can go up to 40 m/min for economic laminations
    • We can laminate your products in widths up to 2400 mm.

    This eco-friendly system can be used to laminate almost any type of substrate.

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