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  • Automotive industry
  • Protective clothing
  • Furniture - seating industry
  • Mattress industry
  • Specific applications

    Automotive industry

    We laminate and quilt different automotive fabrics with non wovens and foams for use in doorpanels, seats, ABCD pillars and other applications where a multi-layer product is needed.

    Some examples are ;

    • automotive fabric with PU foams (flame lamination)
    • automotive fabric with wadding (quilting)
    • automotive fabric with PU barrier films (PUR hot melt lamination)
    • automotive fabric with non woven for rear injection moulding (hot melt lamination)

    Protective clothing

    We have a lot of quilted and laminated qualities that you can use for your products in the protective clothing industry.

    We offer you quilted qualities with waddings for thermal insulation.  The waddings can be adjusted to your specifications on thermal resistance.

    We offer you laminated qualities with breathable membranes for protection against rain and wind

    Furniture - seating industry

    We offer you quilted and laminated qualities for applications in the seating industry.

    Fabrics are quilted with waddings or foams for designer chairs and seats.  Different quilting patterns can be selected.

    Fabrics are laminated with PU foams in different thicknesses.  They are used to give more body to your fabric or to cover the springs in seats.  Depending on your requirements we can laminate with FR foams that meet the standard BS5852 Crib 5 or FMVSS302.

    Fabrics are laminated with PU barrier membranes for applications where a water barrier is required, f.e. public transport, hospital furniture...

    Polyester fabrics can be treated with the FLAMAWAY finish.  This makes it possible to pass the FR standard BS5852 Crib 5.

    For public seating (cinemas, theaters...) we laminate fabrics with FR non wovens to pass different FR standards like f.e. BS5852 Crib 5 or NF D.60013 AM 18.

    Mattress industry

    We offer a wide range of products to aid you develop high perfomance mattresses.

    We can quilt your fabrics with waddings, foams and non wovens on full width (2300 mm) or cut up into borders.

    We can laminate your fabrics with other materials for a higher perfomance :

    • laminated with barrier membranes for a water barrier of > 10 meters
    • laminated with 3D Spacer fabric for improved comfort
    • laminated with non wovens for a higher stability

    We can laminate your fabrics with PU foams for the production of box springs.  Different thicknesses of foam are availalbe on stock for just-in-time deliveries.

    Specific applications

    If your product requires a multi-layer fabric we can help you.

    We can quilt or laminate different layers of fabric (knitted or woven), foam, wadding, non woven, membranes, paper...

    If the product can be rolled, we can process it.

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