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  • Flexible
  • Win-Win
  • Thinking along
  • Concept and realisation


    As a smaller family owned company we have the possiblity to be flexible and adjust our output to the demands of our customers. 

    We have a lean information structure that enable us to adjust very quick our production planning to the changing market situation and the demands from our customers. 


    Since most qualities are custom made, we try to develop a multi-layer product that meets the requirements you aks for.

    Based on our long experience in laminating (since 1973) and quilting (since 1978) we have great knowledge of the different possiblities, as well as of the different products available on the market.

    Thinking along

    We have very few 'standard' products.   

    Almost every quality is custom made and adjusted to your spefific requirements. 


    Concept and realisation

    Since we deliver qualities to customers in several areas, we have the expertise to take ideas used in one industry and apply it to other industries.

    In a first stage we determine in close collaboration with you the requirements your product needs.  Then we source the different materials and determine the best production method to realize it.  This concept is then proposed to you for your approval.  In a later stage a small trial is produced, so that the original concept becomes tangible.

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